With miles of sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, Flanders is the perfect place for a European escape. Head to the east of this region and you’ll arrive at some of Belgium's largest and most frequented cities. Ghent is a popular choice for its collection of early Flemish art, while Antwerp attracts many families with its world-class zoo. History buffs should head south-west to the city of Ypres, where many of the key battles in World War 1 were fought, while the principal city of this part of Flanders, Bruges, is awash with fun things to do – from taking a canal tour around the city’s walkways to tasting sweet treats at the Chocolate Museum. Although technically a region in its own right, Flanders also surrounds Brussels, making a trip to the Belgian capital an easy feat.

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Places To Visit


One of Belgium's best kept secrets


UNESCO world heritage site full of old-world charm


City of diamonds


The home of the comic book.

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