Situated on the westernmost edge of continental Europe, Brittany is easily one of the most intriguing regions of France. Its strong Celtic heritage has given birth to Breton culture, making it feel far removed from archetypal French destinations like Paris. Centuries ago, a wave of people from south-west England settled here after escaping the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons - consequently, the traditional language of the Breton people is related closely to Welsh and Cornish. Brittany hosts an abundance of medieval towns and mysterious forests, with plenty of museums telling the area’s story from the prehistoric times - but history isn’t the only thing you’ll find here. The region’s wild coastline boasts some of the most beautiful untamed beaches in France, and its fresh lobster, oysters and scallops are among the best in the world - perfect served up with a glass of the locals’ favourite drink: cider. World-famous locations such as the walled port city of Saint-Malo, regal Dinard and the tiny town of Dinan are essential stops when visiting this captivating area.

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Places To Visit

Mont Saint-Michel City

Set near Brittany's border, Mont-Saint Michel City is a magical island crowned with a medieval monastery

Gulf of Morbihan

This quiet natural harbour is surrounded by quaint towns and villages just waiting to be explored


Saint-Malo is Brittany’s premier port city with a well preserved old town, which was once a fortress for privateers (pirates approved by the king)


Once upon a time a beautiful fishing village, Dinard became a mecca for the rich and fashionable who came to live here in the 19th century

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