Situated in northern France just a few miles from the Belgian border, Dunkirk is renowned for its beaches, which provided the setting for one of the most miraculous escapes in military history. The Battle of Dunkirk saw the evacuation of 330,000 Allied troops against Nazi Germany across Dunkirk’s 15-mile shoreline during World War II. Today, the immaculate beaches are lined with beautiful Belle Époque buildings, cosy cafes and tiny bars, but you’ll find the events of 1940 remembered in many important sites. The Dunkirk 1940 Museum and the nearby Dunkirk Memorial are both good places to learn more about the evacuation. Nowadays, the city has a working harbour, making it the ideal place for boat trips around the citadel or relaxing walks by the sea. Dunkirk is a 40-minute drive from the port of Calais.

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Places To Visit

Dunkirk Harbour

The main site of the infamous evacuation

The belfry

13th century World Heritage Site providing panoramic views of Dunkirk

Town Hall

Neo-Flemish building with stunning stained glass window and belfry

Jean Bart statue

The town’s famous hero of the French Navy

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