After many of Troyes’ houses were completely destroyed in the great fire of 1524, the richer inhabitants rebuilt theirs to the same specifications – this time in expensive fire-proof materials. As such, the old town stands much the same as it did almost 500 years ago and, along with the 11 striking churches that crowd the centre, the area is a beautiful stop for any lover of historic architecture. But as well as being a fine example of the past, the cobbled streets of Troyes have also seen some notable modern innovations. Having been assigned to the Troyes army in 1927, Pierre Lévy set to work in the area’s famous knitwear factories, married the daughter of the owner, and together they created the iconic Lacoste brand. The Musée d’Art Moderne, housed in a former bishop’s palace, was formed from the couple’s art collection and includes works by Matisse, Modigliani and Picasso.

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Places To Visit

Basilica of Saint-Urbain de Troyes

13th-century church in the heart of the city, only completed in the early 20th century

Musée d’Art Moderne

Former bishop’s palace housing modern and contemporary art

Troyes Cathedral

The gothic cathedral of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul is a national monument

Old Town of Troyes

Wander the cobbled streets of the historic centre

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Basilica of Saint-Urbain de Troyes

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