The beautifully diverse Groningen is a unique fusion of stories dating back thousands of years and a thriving modern cultural scene. The city, one of the largest in the north of the Netherlands, continues to transform every day - thanks in part to its large student population. Over the last few hundred years, Groningen has grown from one of the most important trading centres of the medieval period to a must-see destination for innovative venues, art and music. Explore the collections of the iconic Groninger museum, climb the Martinitoren tower which stood tall through the flattening of the city in World War II, or take a cycle through the colourful streets of the car-free city centre.

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Places To Visit

Martinikerk and Martinitoren

The oldest church in Groningen and its tower withstood the fighting of World War II

Groninger museum

The striking Groninger museum houses paintings by Andy Warhol as well as new talent

Groningen University and Museum

Dating back to the 1400s, the main university building’s museum celebrates the academic city

Groningen Synagogue

The Groningen Synagogue, one of the few left in the city, was fully restored in the 1980s

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