Maastricht is a cultural melting pot of lots of different influences – something that comes from being one of Holland’s oldest cities. As you wander across beautiful cobbled streets and along its picturesque canal, you’ll see historical relics that nods to its rich past – from the Roman ruins of the Derlon Museum Cellar to the almighty Basilica tower. The city is divided into different districts, each adding its own unique twist to the city. Head to the charming Wyck for cosy cafes and historical architecture, or the up-and-coming Sphinxkwartier (Sphinx quarter) for an alternative hang-out which is a favourite among young creatives. The city centre itself is a hive of activity, with two shopping centres, a thriving market scene and the iconic Saint Servatius Bridge – said to be the oldest in the country.

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Places To Visit

Basilica of Saint Servatius

Romanesque church and final resting place of Saint Servatius, the city’s patron saint

Saint Servatius Bridge

Said to be the oldest bridge in the Netherlands

Saint Peter’s Caves

A subterranean network of 8000 passageways formed hundreds of years ago by miners

City walls

Built around the 13th century to fortify the city

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