Previously the famed thinking spot for saints and scholars since the years of Saint Patrick, the city of Armagh has since faced its fair share of turbulent times. Today, the area’s rich history and stunning natural landscapes draws everyone from ecclesiastical wanderers to outdoor enthusiasts. The Armagh County Museum is a good place to start to hear centuries of stories, while the Armagh Robinson Library also holds a cherished first edition of Gulliver’s Travels annotated by Jonathan Swift. From there, you may like to head to the ornate St Patrick’s Cathedral, or families will love exploring the universe at the city’s interactive planetarium. End your trip with a voyage out to the tranquil Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the British Isles, perfect for fishing and water sports, as well as walking and cycling routes suitable for the whole family.

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Places To Visit

Armagh County Museum

The oldest county museum in Ireland chronicles hundreds of years of local history

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Roman Catholic church with beautiful stained glass windows and gold leaf sculptures

Armagh Planetarium

Features interactive displays, digital theatre shows and a 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite

Lough Neagh

Wondrous natural landscape with miles of walkways, abundant birdlife and children’s play areas

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